It is curious that two days after starting being interested in cooperative company structures, this article from reconomy introduced me to holacracy, which sounds like a really interesting way of organizing a company.

The basic idea is to divide governance (not “of the people, by the people, for the people” like democracy, but “of the organization, through the people, for the purpose”) and operations. Governance is the process through which the formal structure of an organization is evolved. Operations is the process through which the company operates, based on the defined organization structure.

As a result of governance roles are defined which have assignments in a certain scope and the power to make autocratic decisions in that scope – that is, there is no boss that can interfere, and also no voting or consensus process slowing down the decision making. Interesting!

Here’s a TED talk by Brian Robertson, ideator of the system:

If you want to know more explore the holacracy website, and/or watch this video webinar full of insights. Also cool: there is a software and a legal implementation of this organisational system. Interesting is that they have no employees: everyone is a partner.

Update: I just watched a (long) video simulation that explains how governance meetings are done – really inspiring.

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