IL Formichiere – Trailer

Il Formichiere! The second short Film I created with Riccardo Galli, the writer and director of this film. I had the pleasure to work partly behind the scenes as the assistant director and in front of camera as the main character. It was a truly intresting and inspiring experience! Thanks to the passionate team!

“Ay, Qué Rico!”

I fell in Love with Salsa a couple of years ago; recently I decided to dive a little deeper into this facinating world! Finally I had no choice but to create a little film in honour of Salsa – in honour of Dancing!

Canale Charlie

Inspired by JIM CARREY and in particular his movie ‘The Truman Show’, I decided to create my own version of the film, adapted into a 20 minute stage show. It ended up being the most challenging project I faced in my 3 years at the ATD!! Plus, after all that effort, it was not well received; the panel of critics thought is was merely a weak imitation saying: “…we want to see you! Not JIM…” But they’re entitled to their opinion; I graduated anyway (Horah!) and here is a short edit of what I created.. :P

“One day I’ll be There”

May I present… let’s call it… MY FIRST SINGLE!!

It may not be “VEVO” yet… but huehuee, who gives a damn!

Alive – Parody

I had never before created a video this fast: It took us only 18 hours in total from getting the idea to the final editing and publishing! I worked all night until morning to get it done; and here it is… My second official parody video!

Chandelier – Parody

My very first official parody video!  I’ll admit… it was real fun shooting this! Hueueue…


A 3 hours long cabaret show!

Beautiful girls, clown acts, dancing, singing, fountains, rocket crash, zombies, striptease, life music and much more! What an insane non stop energetic explosive show!

Thank you all!

“Gorgo” my first short!

Gorgo is officially my first “short-film” experience! It was for me a short but strong emotional journey. I new it was just a small project, but it was important to me to try my best, in order to really learn something I had to go over my boundaries. I’m talking about that moment when you have to do something but you don’t really know how… you just know it’s there, somewhere, beyond reach… and if you try hard enough… maybe… the magic might happen… you step into something new… in that moment, you have learned!
It was a very young team, none of us had any “professional” experience in the film business, we all still have to learn a lot! Learning is the only way…

Jump for it

Jesus came up to me and said “Hey man, you can move! Let’s make a video together!” And I was like “Right on man!” Few days later we were on the streets and beaches of Los Angeles shooting for one day non stop… next morning at 5am I was on the plane going back home to Switzerland!